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GNSS.asia seminar to strengthen ties between EU, Asia

New Delhi: European Business Group’s GNSS.asia India Industry collaboration Seminar was recently held in New Delhi. The seminar, which is a part of the series of similar networking events organised by European GNSS Agency (GSA)’s GNSS.asia project, will be held in similar fashion in Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea with a concluding session in June 2014 in Prague – the seat of GSA in European Union. Launched in the year 2012, under the EU FP7 programme, the mandate of GNSS.asia project is to build collaboration and business ties between EU and Asian countries for GNSS programmes.

Europe considers India as one of the key partners in satellite navigation segment and European companies are willing to form partnerships with local GNSS industry and users to further the uptake of Galileo and EGNOS capabilities. With the EGNOS already operational since 2009 and Galileo expecting to open service by 2014/2015, GSA is paving the way for industrial cooperation in downstream sector and to connect with upstream and downstream industries in the booming Asian markets.

Source: Our Correspondent