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GMV to analyse cyber security risks of ESA’s missions

Spain: The European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen GVM to analyse cyber security of its space missions. GVM will have to develop a policy to establish control recommendations for ESA’s missions.

With this project ESA aims at enabling the space mission managers to pinpoint the main risks and raising awareness of the cyber threats that might affect space missions. The project will involve surveying the members of organisations linked with the space missions to find out their views of the main threats, vulnerabilities and control measures present in space missions. GMV’s inhouse digital surveillance solution, Atalaya, based on the compilation of company information using multiple sources (search engines, blogs, social networking sites, forums, P2P networks, anonymous networks), will be used to find information on persons, groups or organisations with potential interest in carrying out attacks on space missions, plus information on threats or vulnerabilities present and other aspects.

Source: mundogeo.com