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GML Loading Tool Reaches New Heights

Snowflake Software announces the new release of its GML loading tool – GO Loader 1.5. With enhanced support and progressive functionality, the tool is now positioned to address even more international GML schema. And, with major performance improvements of up to a 50% increase in initial load and change only update, GO Loader continues to lead the way in GML loading.

Snowflake Software has always taken a generic GML approach in its development – ensuring its products support a plethora of GML community schema rather than hardwiring to any specific one. This provides a great advantage to its user base who are able to load (and publish to) a variety of schema without the need to invest in further software. This will become increasingly beneficial as more and more GML schema are in circulation – specifically with INSPIRE compliance gaining momentum.

This release sees the introduction of substitution groups, in-line feature associations and the support for multiple spatial reference systems and has already enabled GO Loader to expand its scope of GML datasets. Recently, Snowflake has been actively working in new vertical markets such as Geosciences, Aviation, Planning, Defence and Highways Management. The company is also expanding its international activities working with new national GML datasets evolving in Finland, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

“The development team has been working hard on this release of GO Loader – Version 1.5 really represents an engineering milestone. Major new features such as substitution groups and in-line feature associations have not only improved existing schema support, they have enabled GO Loader to broaden its range,” explains Ian Painter, Managing Director of Snowflake Software. “In addition to the host of improvements we’ve introduced, we have also completely re-factored the internal engine of the product in order to position us for the rapid release of a number of major new features within the next 6 months. There are exciting times ahead for GO Loader users.”