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GlobeXplorer adds USDA NAIP aerial imagery to online archive

Walnut Creek, California, USA, 17 July 2006: GlobeXplorer recently completed the addition of more than 2,000 counties of USDA National Agricultural Imagery Programme (NAIP) imagery in more than 30 states to its existing online archive. The additional images include both urban and rural counties throughout the country. The natural colour aerial orthophoto mosaics were taken mostly in the last two years, with a resolution of mainly one meter, with some at two meters.

Originally shot for agricultural purposes, NAIP imagery has a wide range of applications for land planning, real estate, insurance, construction, resource management, and general consumer use. The NAIP imagery collection is available from GlobeXplorer in several online formats, including GlobeXplorer’s ImageAtlas Web viewers, ImageBuilder Web services and ImageConnect GIS extensions, as well as on DVD. These methods allow for quick and easy access to NAIP data directly inside the viewing or mapping environment of any user’s preference.