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GlobeView selected for ISIES project

GeoTango, a supplier of 3D mapping and visualization software, recently announced that GlobeView has been selected as the 3D visualization environment for the Intelligent Sensor web for Integrated Earth Sensing project (ISIES). GlobeView is a solution for Internet-based 3D visualization of image and location-based information for anywhere on the planet. It delivers a 3D Digital Earth environment. In addition, GlobeView seamlessly integrates location based services, local search, driving directions, place finder, and proximity analyzer functionality into a single Digital Earth environment, allowing one to interact with vast amounts of business, cultural and environmental information.

Funded by Precarn Incorporated, ISIES is a multi-million project to integrate in-situ sensors with remote sensing and auxiliary sensor data for a range of applications including crop yield prediction, rangeland biomass and drought estimation. MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. is the prime contractor. Other participants include the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Radarsat International and York University. GlobeView is being used in conjunction with work undertaken by York University for ISIES. GlobeView will provide on-line users with a complete 3D viewing environment to monitor and fuse information streamed from a variety of sensors including data on air and soil temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction and soil moisture. In addition GlobeView will display image data from a variety of sensors including Radarsat, QuickBird and ASTER. The regular collection, analysis and visualization of a wide range of crop indicators will support efforts to maximize yield and improve yield prediction.