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Global Ocean Observation Projects in Indian Ocean

A few important oceanographic projects in the Indian Ocean are on the anvil, including the Argo programme and GOOS (Global Ocean Observation System), said Mr Harsh K. Gupta, Secretary, Department of Ocean Development, Government of India.

A broad-scale global array of temperature/salinity profiling floats, known as Argo, is planned as a major component of the ocean observing system. Conceptually, Argo builds on the existing upper-ocean thermal networks, extending their spatial and temporal coverage, depth range and accuracy, and enhancing them through addition of salinity and velocity measurements.

The Argo project in the Indian Ocean will involve a number of countries to put up 300-400 floats. India will take the lead in the project by putting up around 150 floats, which would cost Rs 35-40 crore.

India would collect various data from the floats including ocean circulation and weather changes in the Indian Ocean. The data would then be distributed to other countries, he added.

On the GOOS programme, Dr Gupta said worldwide the programme had been going on for 8-9 years, while India was yet to implement it in the Indian Ocean. To undertake the project, a GOOS meeting would take place in Mauritius this November in which around 40 countries would participate to implement the oceanographic programme in the Indian Ocean, he added.