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Global Observing Systems Information Center now operational

19 April 2007: Global Observing Systems Information Center (GOSIC) is now fully operational at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and can be accessed on-line at https://gosic.org.

The GOSIC was begun in 1997 as a research effort at the University of Delaware to aid the major global observing systems in providing more efficient access to data and information. GOSIC provides unique tools for searching and accessing data such as matrices and portals that allows users to search for specific data such as data located at NCDC, as well as at other global data centers.

GOSIC has continually worked in improving data access and information for all global observing systems and new functionalities. Some examples of existing data access, products and information available via the GOSIC are as follows:

Find data by Observing System, Program, Theme, or World Data Center.
Search NCDC’s GCOS Surface Network Data Access matrix (which is a tool thatprovides comprehensive information on NCDC’s GSN data holdings).
Access unique products such as the GSN Overlapping Data Archive.
Access popular data flow diagrams (with hot links) on Global Observing Systems.
Access information about the Global Observing Systems via a search tool for publications.
Access Global Observing Systems metadata in cooperation with NASA’s Global Change Master Directory where data can be efficiently searched.