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Global Mapper v8.00 released

30 August 2006: Global Mapper Software LLC, Kansas based firm that designs, develops, and distributes the Global Mapper software package, has announced the availability of Global Mapper v8.00 at . Users need to download that file and run it to install v8.00. It can be installed alongside any existing Global Mapper version.

Among the numerous changes in v8.00 are the following: Added support for loading data from OpenGC WMS servers. This is done through the new File->Download Online Imagery/Topo Maps menu command (formerly the Download TerraServer menu command); Improved raster layer options by adding support for color balancing (individual red, green, and blue adjustment), linear min/max contrast stretch, setting transparency for multiple layers at a time, feather blending and cropping to native bounds or by a given number of pixels; Added feather blending support for raster layers to the Options available from the Overlay Control Center. This allows smoothly blending raster layers with underlying layers; Added support for exporting loaded vector data to the Polish MP format for use the with the cGPSMapper application (www.cgpsmapper.com) which allows the creation of new maps for Garmin GPS units; Added support for loading KML/KMZ, Polish MP, NITF (National Imagery Transmission Format), Geodas Grid (GRD98), CDF, and Intergraph COT format files; Added support for checking clearances with respect to the first Fresnel zone when calculating view sheds and performing line of sight analysis. This allows for a more accurate visibility calculation depending on the wavelength being transmitted; Added support for having labels be displayed at a fixed height in meters rather than at the same size at each zoom level.

All of the other numerous changes are listed on the What’s New page at https://www.globalmapper.com.