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Global Mapper LiDAR module 17.1 releases with added tool

US: Blue Marble has announced an update to its Global Mapper LiDAR module. The new module includes numerous enhancements and improvements that have been designed to improve the quality and utility of LiDAR and other point cloud data.


It has a powerful new custom feature extraction tool for creating 3D line and area features using its new perpendicular profile tool; a new toolbar button for quickly assigning the ground classification to selected points; and support for customizing the groups to which LiDAR classifications belong.

Adding more, it provides numerous advanced data processing tools, including automatic point cloud classification; feature extraction; cross-sectional viewing and editing; significantly faster terrain surface generation; and much more.

The module offers significantly enhanced point cloud management and processing capability. The new perpendicular profile tool, which generates a scrollable series of profile views perpendicular to a drawn or selected line feature, enables the new custom feature extraction tool in the LiDAR module.

"With the availability and use of LiDAR data and other point cloud data formats steadily increasing, Blue Marble is committed to providing affordable tools that allow anyone to fully utilize this data," stated Patrick Cunningham, president of Blue Marble.

Source: Blue Marble