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Global Map Systems Releases GeoMarket Reports

USA – Global Map Systems today announced the release of their GeoMarket Reports solution – a location-based business intelligence solution based on LOGIQ PDF maps. GeoMarket Reports provide geographic business intelligence and reporting that identifies where your most profitable customers and markets are located. Location intelligence allows banks, retailers, hotels and restaurants to analyze and prioritize which geographic markets are ripe for new branches or outlets. It dramatically improves direct marketing by identifying zip codes with prospects that match your most profitable customers. GeoMarket Reports allows business analysts and GIS consultants a means to deliver spatial analysis tools to companies and industries that have little or no access to GIS or geographic mapping systems.

GeoMarket Reports leverages LOGIQ PDF technology, a PDF-based mapping system that allows businesses to analyze geographic database trends using nothing more than Adobe Acrobat. These smart maps allow any business user to easily find, query, analyze and report on where profitable new markets are waiting to be served.

How It Works
Customer, prospect and demographic database information is processed through ESRI ArcMap running the LOGIQ PDF plug-in. The output is a GeoMarket Report, in PDF format, that can be used for free with Adobe Acrobat.

“GeoMarket Reports is another step towards breaking down the walls between the GIS community and the business world”, said Skillen, CEO of Global Map Systems. “We are working with ESRI business partners and consultants to develop a scalable business model that allows businesses easy access to GIS analysis.

GeoMarket Reports allow any business user with Adobe Acrobat to analyze their own business data to gain valuable insight into profitable new markets. Currently, less than 20% of businesses have access to GIS and spatial analysis tools – we intend to change that by offering an easy-to-use and affordable solution based on PDF maps.“

GeoMarket Reports gives businesses a competitive advantage by providing valuable new business intelligence to analyze and plan for new market opportunities. With GeoMarket Reports, banks can view and prioritize the zip codes where they should focus their ITA and direct marketing efforts by product and channel. Retailers can locate new outlets closest to where new profitable prospects live. Hotels and restaurants can analyze new markets where the competition has not yet arrived.

Global Map Systems encourages ESRI business partners and consulting companies that want to provide GeoMarket Reports to the business community to contact GMS at [email protected]