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Global Knowledge selects ESRI BusinessMAP

Redlands, USA, 21 February 2007 – ESRI has announced that Global Knowledge, the largest privately held provider of training, enterprise learning services, and software solutions for information technology (IT) and management professionals, has selected ESRI’s BusinessMAP software to help its representatives manage sales calls to clients and prospective clients.

Global Knowledge chose BusinessMAP software in 2005 after looking at several options available on the market. Global Knowledge has since been using the mapping software to support its sales force. Sales representatives use BusinessMAP to display sales information (stored in Microsoft Excel) on an interactive map.

“BusinessMAP is a great product and it’s easy to use,” says Michael Chevalier, market research manager at Global Knowledge. “We started out with just two reps testing the system in the first quarter of 2005, and now we’ve expanded to more than 20 users. The product allows our sales team to focus on prospects and clients rather than spending time making the software work.”

The sales force is also able to identify and plot competitor information from various business listings. The ability to integrate these many data sources and to see and analyze the information has helped Global Knowledge to effectively manage its sales force and create more profitable sales territories.

BusinessMAP is an affordable mapping application that transforms information from databases, contact managers, and spreadsheets into pushpin- and color-filled maps. It turns static data into meaningful maps, providing a better understanding of customers, competition, advertising, and other important business factors for mission-critical decision making.

“BusinessMAP allows any company to see exactly where its clients are whenever needed,” says Bill McNeil, BusinessMAP product manager, ESRI. “With BusinessMAP software, Global Knowledge has been able to give 20 sales representatives custom, intelligent maps right on their laptops very affordably. They don’t loose control of their data and they are able to use maps and GIS features whenever it is needed, all without connecting to an outside service.”

For more information on BusinessMAP software visit https://www.esri.com/software/busmap.

– About Global Knowledge
Founded in 1995, Global Knowledge employs more than 1,100 people worldwide and is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. The company is owned by New York-based investment firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson, and Stowe. For more information, visit www.globalknowledge.com.