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Global Geomatics launches MapFusion in UK Market

Global Geomatics Inc. has introduced its new MapFusion commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software to the UK market. MapFusion permits access to geospatial data from diverse sources and formats without the need for complex pre-processing or time-consuming translation. MapFusion’s “on-the-fly” ability to access, visualize, share, and disseminate geographic information systems (GIS) data across the Internet or IP-based intranets, means that even non-GIS specialists can reap benefits from geospatial data created by other departments or organizations.

MapFusion seamlessly and dynamically merges heterogeneous and distributed geospatial data files into a single map–literally “fusing” maps together. Multiple vector or image files regardless of their source coordinate systems or formats can be combined to form a single map. The product uniformly displays tactical overlays atop geospatial data from any source.

Designed to meet demanding military and commercial requirements, MapFusion supports interoperability between prevalent geospatial military standards including VPF, RPF, ADRG, and DTED, as well as among popular GIS business packages from ESRI®, IBM® Informix™, Intergraph®, MapInfo®, ObjectFX™, Oracle®, and Virtual Prototypes™. It can also retrieve data from proprietary and open GIS file formats. In true “any-to-any” fashion, it operates in a broad variety of computing environments including Microsoft® Windows® 98/NT/2000, Sun™ Microsystems Solaris™, and Linux®.