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Global Geomatics joins French systems integrator G

Global Geomatics Inc. has announced that it has been awarded a contract to deploy its new MapFusion GIS interoperability software within the French Ministry of Defense (the Délégation Générale pour l’Armement DGA). French systems integrator Générale d’Infographie, who won the award from the French government, selected MapFusion because it provides the best solution for reading multiple geodata formats without the need for complex and time-consuming translation a project requirement.

Mastery of geographic terrain is a critical element of successful military engagements. But GIS systems, which offer great benefits to battlefield operations, require special skills and training to operate. As a result, field troops and military office personnel are often not aware of or able to take advantage of the benefits GIS data offers. The new MapFusion-based system will change this scenario, as French Air Force, Army, and other Defense Ministry personnel will be able to access geospatial information created by different agencies and in different formats. The resulting solution will allow French military personnel to learn first-hand about the benefits of geospatial information an important step in helping them deploy it in the field.

With MapFusion, users will have a visualization tool that can access nearly 80 different geodata formats and that will provide a multi-window, graphical interface through which they can simultaneously view different types of geodata, different theaters of defense, or different scales of data. The new software replaces a previous system that restricted access to such GIS data. The Ministry hopes that raising the awareness and acceptance of geographic information will expand the use of strategic geodata in mission preparation and review software, information and control systems, and embedded technologies ultimately improving the success of military engagements.