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Global Geomatics adds Military GIS Formats

Global Geomatics Inc has announced interoperability support for a number of new military spatial data formats. MapFusion is commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software that allows real-time access to geospatial data of diverse formats and sources, allowing users to visualize, “fuse”, and disseminate spatial data across the Internet or IP-based intranets. The product uses software adapters to read the native formats and projections of different geospatial files. Eight new military-specific adapters are being added to the list of approximately 80 formats already supported.

The pricing change on MapFusion Workstation reflects Global Geomatics’ interest in helping systems integrators and its representatives capitalize on the growing need for interoperable solutions for geographic information systems (GIS) applications in both military and commercial markets. MapFusion Workstation permits easy access and visualization of geospatial data sets, allowing users to search for distributed or local geospatial data as well as create feature-rich maps.

The eight new MapFusion adapters provide support for the following military formats: CARI (Compressed Arc Raster Imagery), CURI (Compressed UTM/UPS Raster Imagery), CARP (Compressed Arc Raster Product), CURP (Compressed UTM/UPS Raster Product), RDTED (Re-Arcing Digital Terrain Elevation Data), DFAD (Digital Feature Analysis Data), SpatioCarte/Defense, and S57. Military formats already supported include: MIL-STD-2407 VPF (DCW, VMAP, DTOP, DNC, FFD, TOD, and others), MIL-STD-2411 RPF products (CADRG, CIB), MIL-A-89007/ ISO8211 raster products (DIGEST, ADRG, USRP, ASRP, and others), and MIL-PRF-89020A (DTED). MapFusion also supports adapters for ESRI (SHP, AIG, AE, E00), MapInfo (TAB, MID/MIF), Informix, USGS (STDS, DEM, GTOPO, ETOPO, DOQQ, and GeoTIFF), and imaging (GeoTIFF, ECW, MrSID) formats. Today MapFusion supports the widest range of military geospatial formats of any product on the market.

MapFusion also includes server software for handling geospatial data dissemination and dynamic web map rendering. It also acts as a central metadata repository, allowing intuitive peer-to-peer exchange of geospatial data files. MapFusion Server runs on Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000, Sun Microsystems Solaris, and Linux; MapFusion Workstation runs on Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 98, and Windows 2000.