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Global Energy Research Alliance formed

The global oil and gas industry will benefit from the establishment of a world-class energy technology research alliance signed recently in Western Australia.
The agreement signed between The University of Western Australia, CSIRO’s Division of Petroleum Resources and Curtin University will enable the research organisations to share knowledge, skills and facilities for the more efficient delivery of solutions to industry in areas such as sub-surface technology, drilling and wells, energy facilities and energy science. The alliance is an initiative of the $37 million Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC), at Bentley Technology Park, and will enhance the premium research and development expertise already offered there. The ARRC – housing more than 200 researchers – is jointly funded by the CSIRO, Curtin University of Technology and the Western Australian Government, and was developed in conjunction with the petroleum and mining industries.
Mr Thill said the alliance was a significant move towards further consolidating the ARRC’s international oil and gas research and development capability. Such an alliance and the resulting concentration of expertise through the ARRC, would create a world class centre that would be the first of its kind in South East Asia, and one of only a few in the world – similar to facilities in Houston, Texas and the Netherlands.
He said the vision was to help address, and even reverse, the current trend for most research and development funding to go offshore, by keeping world-class skills, research and funding in Australia.