Global 3D mapping market to grow at 8.54% by 2020: Report

Global 3D mapping market to grow at 8.54% by 2020: Report


US: Research and Markets has come up with a report on “Global 3D Mapping and Modeling Market 2016-2020”. The report anticipates the global 3D mapping and 3D modeling market to grow at a CAGR of 8.54% during the period 2016-2020.

The report also talks about the healthcare sector, where 3D mapping is getting quite popular, as it is increasingly being used in mapping human anatomy and helps in modeling surgeries. For instance, 3D electromechanical mapping is used for cardiac imaging. 3D mapping is also proving helpful in analyzing cardiac hemodynamics to determine the viability of cardiac surgery.

Increased use of LIDAR is the major trends in the market. LIDAR, a remote sensing technology, is used to measure distance. The target is illuminated with light from a laser, and the reflected light is analyzed to determine the distance. It provides accurate data regarding the terrain. The data from LIDAR is processed in point cloud format and converted to a 3D image by way of various techniques, like Delaunay triangulation.

Further, the report states that the purchase of equipment like LIDAR sensors, aerial photography cameras, and GIS recording tools requires huge initial investment. It is a deterrent for many smaller players trying to venture into the market.

Source: PRN