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GITA honours contributions in geospatial industry

US: The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) awarded geospatial industry stalwarts for their contribution to the industry during GITA’s Annual Conference 30 in Phoenix, Arizona. The awards include 2010 GITA Lifetime Achievement Award, 2010 GITA Speaker Award, 2010 GITA Distinguished Service Award, 2010 GITA Excellence Award and 2010 GITA Innovator Award. This year’s conference theme was Mission Possible.

GITA honoured Dr. Roger Tomlinson of Ottawa, Ontario, with Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Tomlinson, a native of Cambridge, England, was recognised as the primary originator of modern computerised GIS and has been touted as the “father of GIS”.  Dr. Tomlinson’s early private sector career included managing the computer mapping division at Spartan Air Services in Ottawa, Ontario and then working with the Government of Canada, first as a consultant and later as a director of regional planning systems with the Department of Forestry and Rural Development. It was during his tenure with the federal government in the 1960s that Dr. Tomlinson initiated, planned and directed the development of the Canada Geographic Information System, the first computerised GIS in the world.

GITA also recognised the top five session speakers at the conference, each of them were rated by session participants in the areas of quality of presentation, content of session, visual aids and relevance of topic. The recipients of the 2010 GITA Speaker Award include:
– Susan Ancel, EPCOR – Aging Infrastructure Seminar.
– Dave Henderson, Topcon Positioning Systems – 3D Mobile Mapping.
– Mark A. Liebe, P.E., City of Portland, High Resolution Risk Assessment Methodologies for Combined and Sanitary Sewer System Advanced Asset Managemen.
– William Stone, National Geodetic Survey – Products and Services of the National Geodetic Survey.
– Stephen Swazee, Emergency Preparedness Committee – Revolution Underway-GIS and Emergency Management in Minnesota.

Dan Bowditch of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, received GITA’s 2010 Distinguished Service Award. GIS Consortium (GISC), Des Plaines, Illinois, received 2010 GITA Excellence Award. The award recognises the dedication, insight and high degree of initiative in the outstanding application of geospatial technology.

Panhandle Energy, Houston, Texas, received 2010 GITA Innovator Award. It recognises the unique and significant contributions of organisations that have used geospatial technology in the innovative development of a technology, service, or application.

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