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GIS/CAD integration seminar with Dotted Eyes and Autodesk

UK: Dotted Eyes, one of Autodesk’s most recent partners, is delighted to invite CAD and GIS users from local government and the NHS to a seminar which will help them maximise their return on investment in CAD software. The seminar will be held at Dotted Eyes’ Bromsgrove, UK, offices on Thursday 26th February.

Autodesk will outline a user case study on behalf of a local council, showcasing how AutoCAD Map 3D brings together design and geographic information, and Dotted Eyes will present on key issues such as configuration, optimisation of data storage and future proofing.

Local government organisations can make significant business gains, such as better informed decision making, through the unification of traditionally separate GIS and CAD functions. Dotted Eyes, a longstanding GIS specialist, has recently become an Autodesk partner to support its mission to bring together map data, GIS and CAD software in a Unified Spatial Environment, allowing the cross-functional management of spatial data.