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GIS used in weather map

CustomWeather has added dozens of new, colorful contour weather maps to its map offering for all parts of the globe.CustomWeather,Inc. is a San Francisco based provider of syndicated weather content that combines the worlds of technology and weather These maps are available with forecast data out to 7 days.

Some of the new weather variables that can now be plotted through CustomWeather’s easy-to-use OpenGIS(R)-based map server include high and low temperatures, humidity, precipitation, fire danger, UV index, wind speed, visibility, sunshine, dew point, and jet stream winds.CustomWeather has also added the ability to plot synoptic weather features for all portions of the world.

All of the new weather maps are available through CustomWeather’s proprietary mapping system, which allows its clients to request custom maps with specified layers for any portion of the globe for a variety of forecast times over the next 7 days. Based on OpenGIS(R) standards, CustomWeather’s mapping system also allows for the specification of metric or imperial units, image type, image size, bounding coordinates, as well as font type and size. The new contour weather maps are available in an array of colors.