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GIS tool to assess vulnerability of buildings

Mexico: Boucher, a student of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), developed a GIS tool that can assess the vulnerability of buildings in case of emergencies such as fires, earthquakes or landslides. It is selected among the 25 best researches in the XIII Ibero-American Conference of Geographic Information Systems (CONFIBSIG).
Boucher explained that the prototype is designed to be operated by civil defence personnel. The system will enhance the response process for emergency calls. He said that this way one can prioritise activities related to planning and mitigation, in relation to the characteristics of the event and the property.
The system uses a geographic database that includes homes, housing units, hospitals, schools, churches, gas stations, and retail industries, among others, to identify the vulnerability of the sites. It also presents detailed information on each property as the rotation of the companies and businesses, employees and other data relevant to weigh the risks and send the appropriate services to the most vulnerable.
This innovative system will be included in the book “La Innovación Geotecnológica como Soporte para la Toma de Decisiones en el Desarrollo Territorial”.
Source: sdpnoticias.com