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GIS to strengthen radar network in Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan: The Institute of Information Technologies of Azerbaijan of the National Academy of Sciences is working on couple of crucial projects, development of online processing of flight information, development of a computer model of coverage of ground radar with use of modern GIS technology and creation of a corporate network for specialised meteorological forecasts for military airfields, according to Rasim Aliguliyev, Director of the Institute.

In conversation with ABC, Aliguliyev also stressed the importance of introduction of GIS in the process of operation and management of e-government system and creation of a systematic database of addresses of country’s real estate facilities, in particular electronic maps and electronic registers.

Aliguliyev claimed that Azerbaijan is experiencing urgent need to adopt the Concept of development and infrastructure of the national information environment, in the preparation of appropriate personnel, etc. Lately, a wave of information and forecasts was spread by the Western media that in 2012 Azerbaijan will start a war to liberate Armenia-occupied Nagorno Garabagh and regions around it. 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory is currently under Armenian occupation.

Source: abc.az