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GIS to prevent encroachments in Delhi

The capital city of India Delhi will now use GIS, 3-D satellite images and laser cameras to monitor various services, check the menace of illegal encroachment and unauthorised constructions, prevent traffic jams and ensure efficient collection of property tax. The technology being launched in collaboration with Russian Academy of Science would help in monitoring any unauthorised construction in the area, visualisation of land encroachment, crowd and traffic management and even help in property tax collection by providing all the relevant data.

The monitoring would also help in planning and development of area, utility management like that of water, power, gas etc, disaster management and environment monitoring for pollution control. The technology could also be useful in other aspects like garbage collection etc. In the first phase a pilot project covering 20 sq km area in crowded Chandni Chowk will be monitored by GIS at a cost of Rs 5 crore. The GIS monitoring of diverse activities would start there within the next six months and it would be extended to the entire national capital by 2010 Common Wealth Games and later to other metropolis.

In the project, multiple technologies such as high resolution satellite imagery, vehicle borne and static laser systems, GPS and other attribute information collected from door-to-door surveys will be utilized for making a comprehensive 3-Dimentional database to enable the modern tools such as GIS to be utilized for various applications. The project would also be useful in tracking unauthorized construction in the city as and when it happens. Since it would provide real time monitoring, nobody would then be able to escape from it. Ignorance will be no excuse for evading responsibility, as all the data will be collected at the Control Room and senior officials would have instant knowledge of the developments in this regard and they would not be able to pass on the blame to junior officials for not bringing it to their notice. Hence it would create sense of accountability on their part. Everyone will have access to the data and the 3-D model of the city could be used by MCD and other local bodies for property tax collection.