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GIS to play key role in Gov 2.0: Study

Australia: According to the Gov 2.0 benchmark study conducted by Esri Australia, GIS will play a key role in the future of Gov 2.0. The study cited the growing expectation that geospatial information should be made available to the community. It showcased how local governments currently use GIS technologies and how councils would leverage the use of GIS technologies as they enter the Gov 2.0 phase.

Based on the study, Open Government initiatives are bringing a new wealth of public data online, enabling the community and government to share a common picture of the intelligence that drives better decisions and outcomes for everyone. Providing access to data is an essential first step, but sharing it in an informative way is the key to fostering a new level of collaboration.

With this growing demand for spatial information, the study indicated that half of its respondents were experiencing pressure from their community to comply with the principles of Gov 2.0 by making their Council information easily accessible online through social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter across different mediums.

Source: FutureGov