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GIS to map sewage system

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA: The city’s Department of Public Works asked the Chattanooga City Council to spend almost $5 million on a two-year project that would map the entire city’s storm and sewage system and create a model that would help alleviate flow problems.

“I think the recent rainfall showed we had water coming out of orifices (where) we never knew there were orifices,” said Jerry Stewart, director of the Department of Public Works. The plans call for a 12-to-14-month GIS map of the city’s entire drainage system. City officials said many of the sewers were built more than 100 years ago, and they were not sure exactly where the drain systems were.

The second step would be building a hydraulic model that would help do computer modeling for any system concerns such as new development or heavy rainfall, officials said. The cost of the GIS mapping is $2.8 million, and the cost of the hydraulic modeling is $1.9 million, city records show.