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GIS to ensure public safety in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria: A new digital mapping and GIS project has been launched in Lagos State, Nigeria. The state’s Commissioner for Science and Technology, Kadri Hamzat, said the device is the first of its kind in the nation and third in Africa behind South Africa and Kenya, adding that it would aid the study of crime patterns.

Hamzat said, “GIS is used for enormous amount of infrastructural and geographical planning. As we all know, every development project must be related to location. With GIS, one can map change to anticipate future needs. Specifically, a police commissioner or Inspector-General of Police might use GIS to study how crime pattern change from month to month and at different locations, to determine the deployment of officers.”

After launching the GIS, Babatunde Fashola, Governor of Lagos State, reiterated that the newly launched system will enhance security and data storage. Fashola said the project would transform the state, adding that the technology would support development programmes, such as tourism promotion, boundary resolution (intra and inter state), land management and administration, population, crime control and more.

He noted that the device would aid collection of accurate, timely, reliable and information, provide for adequate agency management reporting, facilitate the increase of revenue generation in the state and propel sustainable planning of the state’s mega city project.

Source: The Nation & PM NEWS