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GIS to be used to plan schools expansion programmes

Alabama, USA, 21 June 2007: GIS will used to plan where to put new schools, deciding on existing school expansions. During the upcoming registration school’s registrar will be asking parents to supply the school system with the information with which the GIS Department and Education Board will be able to develop a baseline to plan, as well as make future projections on expansion programmes.

“At registration a parent will be asked if they live in a single family dwelling, a condo, an apartment or a mobile home,” he said. “They will also be asked for their E-911 address, as this will help our mapping department immeasurably.”

“When we create a map we might place a dot where a student lives, but that dot wouldn’t indicate who the student is, what grade they are in, whether they are a boy a girl, or anything of that nature,” he said. With such a map the school system’s planners will be able to spot trends, growth patterns as well as make more accurate projections.

Gaining information from municipalities about future building projects within their various corporate limits is something the school system could really use.