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GIS to assist in locating administrative buildings in the Indian state of Kerala

India: The Kerala state government is ready to conduct Geographical Information System (GIS) of all administrative buildings including schools and hospitals. As part of this initiative, the government has issued orders to all government offices to upload their details specifically their locations online.

The New Indian Express quoted a senior officer with the Electronics and IT Department, who said “GIS was is being implemented as a prefix to introducing the Kerala Fiber Optic Network (K-FON) programme which aims at providing high-speed Internet connectivity to all government establishments in the state. “Recently, government offices in the state were directed to upload their exact GPS location and office details using the ‘www.mapmyoffice.in’ website. The GIS map will be created using the information submitted on this website. As government has undertaken the drive to provide all services on e-platform, GIS mapping will help people in locating offices and get details about the services they offer.”

The deadline for all offices to submit their details is by the end of March. Details can be uploaded using a GPS-enabled smartphone. One person from each office has been given this responsibility of uploading all information.

The concerned Head of the Department must ensure that all offices that come under his/her authority have duly completed the procedure. Even the District Collectors have to ensure that the relevant information along with exact location of offices are filed within the designated deadline. Even though e-governance system has already been introduced, there are still a vast number of people who depend on various offices for various services. This was seen post floods in 2018 when people had to visit government offices frequently to get rehabilitation services. Government authorities believe this will eventually help the people.