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GIS system to map whole US town

Massachusetts, USA, 14 April 2006: Massachusetts Graphical Information Systems expects to have Norton’s physical geography entirely mapped in its online archives by the end of summer.

David Simas, register of the North Bristol County Registry of Deeds, is providing roughly US$11,000 to supplement a US$12,300 Massachusetts Graphical Information Systems grant, which will allow the town to fully digitize its geography.

The digital mapping of a town’s geography requires extensive photography and surveying of land, which is then transferred to a computer using mapping and drafting computer-aided design (CAD) programmes, and automated mapping facilities.
Linda Libby, former chairwoman of the Board of Assessors, said the GIS map will be especially useful in evaluating town properties. Other services that can be added to the map’s data, such as crime statistics, bus routes, and underground utilities, and those services are available to the town at an extra cost.

The grant from the North Bristol County Registry of Deeds also provides Dighton, Easton and Rehoboth with the means to finish their GIS maps. Between those three towns and Norton, the grants total US$42,706. Upon completion Norton will become the 29th town in eastern Massachusetts to participate in the MassGIS system.