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GIS system to help farmers in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: A highly advanced GIS is being introduced in Pakistan to help farmers increase production, reduce input costs and manage the land more efficiently, according to a report published in Pakistan Observer. It will also help manage agriculture by storing, retrieving, manipulating, analysing and displaying information through maps.
Mapping in the field with micro computer to scientific analysis of production data in the farm manager’s office can be easily performed with the help of the GIS system. ArcPad software can be used on handheld computers in the field for the creation, visualisation and interpretation of data.

According to a website relating to agri news, farmers can indicate stresses the crop faces like pest infestations, nutrient deficiencies and water shortages by making maps with the GIS. These stresses are highlighted on the ArcPad map and the information is stored in a format that is usable in other software products. By collecting such data in the field, solutions can be devised and preventative measures outlined. As weather is a key component in agricultural production, weather updates can be seen on the Internet via a handheld telephone or Wide Area Network (WAN). ArcPad has a developer’s toolkit that allows customized applications that provide field-workers simple forms to fill in that automatically create data attributes. It was really cumbersome to create necessary data sets for the field or sub-field level but now this task has become easy with the help of ArcPad. ArcPad is the farmer’s modern shirt pocket notepad.

Source: Pakistan Observer