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GIS Stage II for tourism sites in Middle East

Atallah Systems has announced the commencement of work in the GIS Stage II for Tourism Sites Project for the Supreme Commission for Tourism following the recent award of the this phase of the project to the company.

The following are the main objectives of this Phase of the Project:

1. Construction of detailed tourism base maps at large scale (local/regional level) for the selected tourism development areas.
2. Creation of a Geodatabase, for completely making an enterprise GIS solution on a commercial RDBMS platform.
3. Attribute data entry and linkage of photographs of tourism sites to the digital base map.
4. Development of a web enabled GUI/application for easily retrieving and manipulating the data both by SCT internally and the tourists/other departments externally.
5. Prepare a flexible Geographic Information System that will support the decision making process and the spatial analysis of tourism elements.
6. Training of SCT personnel on the latest GIS technologies and software.

Dr. Waleed M. Kassab Al-Hemmaidi, General Director, Provincial Planning and Liaison Department, SCT, said, ‘This stage is a continuation of what SCT was undertaking to utilize latest technologies in its operations. GIS was used successfully as a tool to select and shortlist tourism sites and locations throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on a well defined tourism-centric specifications of natural/scenic beauty, accessibility, services etc. Once these locations were finalized small scale (national level) maps were produced.’

According to Engineer Zaki Qureshi, The Project Manager at Atallah Systems, the platform being used is that of ArcGIS 8.3 (from ESRI). Also being used are Imagine Professional 8.7 from ERDAS/Leica Geosystems and Oracle 9i along with other GIS hardware/software. The Project team includes a number of professionals in the GIS and Urban & Regional Planning fields, Raster Image Specialists, Programmers/Analysts, and database Administrators.