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GIS public input meeting Monday in Arizona

The Officials of the Coconino County Geographic Information System Department will meet with the residents of Tusayan and Valle for community input on a standard addressing system for unincorporated areas.

The meeting would take place from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday, at the Grand Canyon Quality Inn on Highway 64 in Tusayan.

The primary reason for uniform and standardized addressing is to assist law enforcement, fire, and disaster rescue and emergency medical agencies in accurately locating citizens, without having prior knowledge of an area, in a timely manner. This project will offer support for the county to move to the Enhanced 911 system, which will provide automatic identification of incoming calls, automatic location of caller street addresses and automatic routing of emergency calls to the appropriate emergency service providers.

The Coconino County GIS also wants to establish a property location that will serve as an Emergency 911 locator and mail delivery address, where available. This will further assist in the proper delivery of utility and other delivery services. A standard addressing system will provide property owners and the county with a convenient, accurate and systematic means of identifying property. There will also be a chance to name new streets and re-name old streets with conflicting or duplicate names.

The major tasks before the addressing advisory committee include: compiling county roads in an automated system, renaming duplicate streets, assigning logical standard addresses to all residential and commercial properties, informing residents and property owners of a change of address and displaying new addresses through a countywide sign program.