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GIS proving good friend of paramilitary force

Gandhinagar, India: Integration of GIS into Indian Border Security Force’s (BSF) planning processes is turning out to be of great value for the paramilitary force as its decisions now show both the required alacrity and vision. Waterlogging along the international border in Gujarat’s Kutch and Rajasthan’s Barmer was proving the huge challenge for the troop.

According to Gujarat Frontier BSF inspector general AK Sinha, the BSF has been able to respond quickly to the situation because of the recent integration of GIS into BSF’s overall scheme of things. It is comparatively easier for the paramilitary force to maintain command control and ensure a better logistics management due to GIS in an unusual situation like this.

The primary reason behind waterlogging of the border outposts is rains and release of water from the dams in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Torrential rains have wreaked havoc in some parts of Pakistan and water of rivers in spate has overflowed into Indus which meanders through Sindh on way to the Arabian Sea.

Source: The Times of India