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GIS project to accelerate development in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria: The plan of the Lagos State Government, Nigeria, is to use GIS technology to support development programmes such as tourism promotion, boundary dispute, land management and administration. Others are population and housing census operation, planning of urban and rural settlements, transportation, crime control, flood, erosion and mineral resources management, according to Monsurudeen Durowoju, Special Adviser to Lagos State’s Governor Babatunde Fashola on Mapping/GIS Project.

In an Interview with The Nation, Durowoju said the project, which was started in 2003, would assist the state to collect accurate, timely, complete, reliable and consistent information while aiding a proper and efficient sustainable planning of the state megacity project.

On how GIS would improve land administration in the state, he said it would be useful in the identification of houses, properties with or without legal titles or building approval plans. “Therefore, with the applications of the GIS technology, the state will be able to ascertain that all land transactions in the state are fully documented with fool-proof systems,” he added.

On affordability, Durowoju noted that though the project is poised to boost the revenue base of the government, some areas which, he called ‘’Life operating reference,’’ would be made free for sometime.

He said: “The land surveyors would benefit a lot from the project. Once they get the necessary equipment, the production of survey plans will be made easy in matter of days unlike now that it takes months to produce a single survey plan.”

Source: The Nation