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GIS-powered map helps residents find public access areas

Connecticut, US: The department of Parks and Recreation in the city of Groton in United States recently joined forces with the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department to launch a new project that aims to provide the residents with an interactive coastal public access map.
While the town of Groton is surrounded by water on three sides, many of the residents don’t spend much of their leisure time on, or in, the Thames river because they don’t know where to find public water access.
The map, which is available on the Department of Parks and Recreation website, features 24 public and privately owned properties that allow public access to the shoreline. Users can click on a property to get directions, find more information about what activities are allowed there and, when possible, visit the property’s website.
“There’s obviously capacity here for us to add more information. The town of Groton has a very functional GIS system compared to other communities,” said Recreation Services Manager Jerry Lokken.
Source: The Westerly Sun