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GIS of Canary Islands includes statistical data

Canary Islands, Spain: The Canarian Institute of Statistics (LBS), in collaboration with Cartographic Company of Canary Islands (GRAFCAN), launched Geostatistical Information System of the Canaries, which combines statistical data with geographic information of the Islands. With this new tool, users can view the statistical information of a particular point on the islands with just click on the map.

The application is available in the ‘Services’ section of the website, www.gobiernodecaanarias.org. Information regarding the data associated with each territorial unit, islands, counties, municipalities, municipal districts and even sections is displayed. Additionally, one can also obtain thematic maps of statistical nature.

Soon, a new version of the tool will be introduced for users to view information about tourist spots, institutions and centres of population, district boundaries and sections.

This information is disseminated through the viewfinder of the SDI de Canarias (IDECanarias) and service standards as specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

Source: Gomeraverde.com