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GIS market in APAC to grow at 14 percent

UK: The GIS market in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14 percent, according to a market research conducted by TechNavio, a market research firm. In addition the report, Geographic Information System (GIS) in APAC 2010-2014, indicated that the market is currently being driven by government and public sector adoption of this technology.
A TechNavio analyst explained that governments of developing countries require GIS solutions for infrastructure improvement and disaster prevention management. In addition, the public sector and government also use this technology to monitor deforestation, water bodies, and river beds. As a result the public sector and government have become key end-users driving the adoption of GIS solutions in the APAC region.
In spite of the demand for GIS solutions in the APAC region, integration issues with cloud technologies are hindering the growth of this market. However, with this technology being used effectively for key issues such as population density control, the market is expected to grow. Moreover, the GIS market is witnessing an increase in the use of this technology in agricultural and urban development.
The GIS market in the APAC region has also been witnessing increased utilisation of GIS for transportation management. However, barriers faced by vendors in the integration of GIS and cloud technologies could pose a challenge to the growth of this market. These are just some of the important findings presented in the report that will enable companies to fully understand the potential in this market and formulate their own strategies.
The report is based on extensive research conducted with industry experts, vendors, and end-users. It examines the key trends, drivers, and challenges impacting the evolution of this market. The report also contains an in-depth discussion and SWOT analysis of each of the key vendors in this market.
Key vendors dominating this market space include ESRI, GE Energy, Autodesk, Cadcorp, and IBM.
Source: CNBC