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GIS mapping of properties in Hyderabad to be mapped after elections

India: Despite talks in the past six years, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) now plans to initiate GIS mapping of all properties in Hyderabad post Lok Sabha elections. This effort is being commenced to raise the revenue through property tax.

According to a report in  The Hindu, GIS mapping of properties has been done across municipalities by the initiative of the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, but despite talk about it for over six years, it is yet to be carried out in Hyderabad. Scope of the drive is to geo-reference the coordinates of each property, tag them with details of ownership, address, extent and tax details, and integrate them with the Registration department data consisting of details of encumbrances and disputes, if any.

Even though successive administrators have raised the issue of GIS-mapping, no substantial work has been initiated in this sphere, mainly due to the state’s strategy resolution.

Nevertheless, burdened with the obligation of implementing large developmental schemes, with minute support from the State government, the projects were left untouched.

GHMC is left with no other avenue than to improve its own revenue to meet the needs. Besides, its latest entry into the stock market has forced the corporation to improve its creditworthiness for issue of bonds. It is also estimated that despite efforts, property tax for the municipal corporate currently remain at Rs. 15.6 lakh. According to officials, each year 10,000 properties are added on an average.

In 2018, GHMC detected close to 40 lakh electricity connections were active in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts. This was higher than the number of properties that were examined. Even the water connection data was not matching with any of the numbers from GHMC.