Home News GIS mapping helps tackle waterways crime in U.K.

GIS mapping helps tackle waterways crime in U.K.

Crime mapping using GIS in West Midlands Waterways has benefited the area around Wolverhampton Top Lock in U.K, by reducing crime in the area by half. West Midlands Waterways had been recording all reported incidents of crime and anti-social behavior since 2002, when British Waterways began investigating new ways of tackling the problem. As a result of the data gathered by West Midlands, hotspot areas were clearly identified across the waterway unit. This enabled British Waterways to use the information in partnership with other organisations to target resources and reduce the level of crime in the areas worst affected.

Wolverhampton Top Lock was previously an undesirable place to visit until crime maps were produced showing the extent of the problem. Using this information, British Waterways has met regularly with the police and local authority to explore how the issues could be addressed, resulting in a number of measures to reduce crime in the area. These measures include the removal of nearby tall, concealing foliage owned by the local authority, and arrangements to make use of traffic control CCTV resources. British Waterways also works closely with the Wolverhampton crime street wardens.