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GIS licensing agreement improves NZ’s resource management

New Zealand: Preserving New Zealand’s natural environment for future generations is the focus for the Natural Resources Sector (NRS), a network of government agencies with common goals and values. To help them achieve their goals, most of the agencies involved in the NRS have incorporated GIS technology into their day-to-day operations as well as strategic planning.

Under Eagle Technology and Esri’s joint initiative, called an enterprise licensing agreement (ELA), NRS agencies can standardise on Esri’s ArcGIS software, reduce overall costs and enjoy the benefits that will accrue from closer collaboration.

Eagle’s NRS ELA was designed to support the New Zealand Geospatial Strategy to address increasing reliance on geospatial information in New Zealand and the opportunities offered by the new digital environment for efficiencies in the collection, management and provision of that information. Having a common GIS platform within the NRS agencies will enhance the ability to share capabilities, data and knowledge. The ELA gives all of the agencies access to more GIS tools and capabilities and will minimise duplication of effort while reducing overall costs.

Source: Future Gov