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GIS lab to reorganise land records in Islamabad

Pakistan: The Geographic Information System (GIS) lab at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Pakistan plans to reorganise Islamabad’s land records. The Urban Unit of Punjab will assist CDA’s GIS lab in digitising the old land records.

The Urban Unit’s GIS sector has been developing a GIS based multi-user enterprise level spatial database named “IRIS” as a decision support tool to provide quality information to the provincial and the local governments. Recently, the CDA and the Urban Unit have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, under which the Urban Unit will also provide manpower support to CDA. In the first phase, the CDA will gather information from local land owners. In the second phase, the GIS lab will conduct satellite surveys of CDA land to avoid complications caused by encroachers. In the final phase, a detailed topographic survey of the area will be conducted.

Source: tribune.com.pk