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‘GIS is a mission critical application’

Malaysia: GIS has become a mission critical application for many government departments, according to Dr. Kadir Bin Taib, Director General at the Department of Survey and Mapping in Malaysia. In an interview with FutureGov, Dr. Taib agreed that GIS has the capacity to transform decision making within the government by way of using it to enhance and streamline business processes, and ensure precious resources are used wisely.

Dr. Taib said, “Government agencies are entrusted with the responsibility to manage all national assets in a systematic and collective manner, once collected these various levels of spatial information are essential in supporting the government in its socio economic planning needs”.

“At the national level, spatial information is crucial not only for national security, but even for the socio-economic development of the nation. For example, detailed utilities mapping will not only provide service providers with a tool to manage utilities but will also be an important tool as a location-based service in time of emergencies” he said.

Government agencies need proper asset management for the effective streamline of services such as utilities, telecommunications, and healthcare, and this can be satisfactorily handled by using geospatial information system and integrating it in government decision making.

Dr. Taib also cited the use of the completed National Digital Cadastral Database which is currently being used for planning and the development of roads and railways in the country. “Today, spatial information is very crucial to almost every government agencies for them to make the most effective decision making and policy implementation, and would also play a very vital role as a key driver that would help Malaysia move towards its goal in becoming a developed country in year 2020” he added.

Source: FutureGov