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‘GIS integration with other system increasing’

Spain: There has been an increase in the application of GIS in the fields of Urban Planning and Land (56 percent) and Geomarketing (33 percent). 12.5 percent of companies reported that their GIS application platform is integrated with business intelligence, 10.4 percent with CRM and other 10.4 percent with ERP. The data obtained so extend the range of application environments, led by Environment and Natural Resources Management, areas in which GIS are an important part of the projects.

During the study, 70 percent respondents stated that GIS technology brought improvement in decision making. In addition, 63 percent admitted that they have attained greater efficiency, minimised time consumption and expenses on resources. More than half of respondents also believed that the use of GIS increased the reliability of the results and the ability to control.

On the possibility of incorporating GIS technology into new areas of business, 33 percent said they have planed to undertake this investment within a year and 40 percent respondent mentioned maximum period of two years. Remaining 22 percent respondents were confident that they will incorporate GIS technology into new areas within six months.

As technological developments in the GIS will have a role in the coming years, 61 percent respondents’ inclination was towards interoperability, 54 percent were interested in the development of mobile devices and 26 percent in cloud computing. In the same vein, 60 percent respondents believed that the key factors of development within the GIS sector in the next three years will be technology innovation and standardisation of information as well as the availability of digital content. 50 respondents agreed that GIS fraternity will look towards government as an information provider.

Source: Esri Spain