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GIS initiative in Ghana under steering committee’s supervision

A Steering Committee to supervise the creation of an information system for monitoring and evaluation of GIS has been set up in Ghana. The nine-member committee chaired by Mr Poku Kyei, Special Assistant to the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, follows the European Union’s grant of 28.3 billion cedis to build on the existing capacity of the Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services (CERSGIS).

CERSGIS is to build the capacity for five institutions of Government in the use of GIS for monitoring and evaluating the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy implementation projects.

Dr Samuel Nii Noi Ashong, Minister of State for Economic Planning, said the objective of the mapping and monitoring and evaluation system was to provide an accurate picture of the distribution of the development projects and the impact these projects were having on the quality of life of the beneficiary communities.

The key feature of the project is to harmonise and standardise the database of the services and amenities with the implementation of the GPRS. It includes education and health services; clean water supply; sanitation amenities; rural community electricity supply and settlement accessibility and connectivity through feeder roads.

He said CERSGIS with its collaborative agencies would help in auditing development projects and propose new ones and the mapping would provide an adequate picture of the development situation in the country, the distribution pattern, success or failure situation and the direction where more projects should be located to sustain human development within the communities.

Mr Stefan Frowin, Head of the EU Delegation in Ghana, who mooted the idea, said it complements the existing data collection of MDAs Project Evaluation Unit of the Office of the President, NDPC, Ministry of Local Government and the Ghana Statistical Service in their role of collating and disseminating of poverty related information.