GIS helping authorities to manage transportation

GIS helping authorities to manage transportation


Greater Noida: How GIS’s helping in day to day transportation was something that was also discussed at the GeoSmart India Conference 2016. A panel of speakers, which also included Sreeja Arunkumar of Robert Bosch Engineering talked about the Geo-enabled safety solutions for urban India. The aim of the discussion was to identify the challenges faced by transport authorities as well as ways to deal with it.

Sreeja explains, too much vehicles on roads degrade the quality of roads, which causes congestion and also spikes up pollution. How maps are helping rural areas to connect with roads was also discussed in the session.

On the other hand, SS Mathur, GM – corporate coordination of CRIS (Centre for Railway Information System), gave a presentation on how effective GIS technology has been to railways. He said, “Indian Railways began using GIS some 30-40 years ago, when a Rajdhani unfortunately met with an accident. In those days, govt agencies were mapping the country.”

He explains GIS works well for railways, as rail has a large network in India. And the terrain changes in different states and places. Besides, railways is using GIS for assets management like mapping railway tracks and communication lines. It enables the possibility of using it in IT (information technology), which helps in railways in instant communication.

The technology is also helping railways in land-mapping and tracking locomotive coaches via GPS. Maps help in visualising a project, which is very useful for railways for managing/finishing its activities in a time bound manner. Other than railways, GIS is also helping policymakers in taking smart decisions as it shows where in a vicinity, a bridge or a highway should be made so that it can take the load from already existing roads.

Source: Our Correspondent