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GIS, Google Earth helping NGOs to increase efficiency

UK: A growing number of non-profit organisations (NGO) are utilising Google’s mapping technology into their campaigning and humanitarian work. According to a report published in Xperedon, digital mapping technology enables NGOs to map and analyse data in remote regions and tackle situations that are occurring over a huge scale. Moreover, these state-of-the-art software tools are available for free to NGOs.

Google said that non-profits are increasingly taking advantage of its digital mapping tools like Google Earth and Maps to build their own sophisticated tailor-made interactive charts and atlases that can be easily shared online with relevant parties. The Google Earth Outreach programme is helping NGOs to take full advantages of such technology.

The HALO Trust, a British charity, uses Google Earth Pro in its landmine clearing programmes. The charity uses the mapping technology every day for minefield surveys that includes identifying and mapping mined areas, and also data validation, producing mapping data to show donors, governments, supporters and partner organisations working in the sector.

The Halo Trust uses digital map technology to import GIS shapefiles and export high resolution maps for its vital map-making, helping to track areas for clearance as well as the progress of mine clearance operations, literally playing a part in the saving of lives.

The charity points to the use of sat imagery to track mined power pylons in Mozambique over a scale of 80 km, a procedure that revealed landscape variations exposing the areas where landmines were likely to have been planted.

Source: Xperedon