GIS friendly camera detects gunshots

GIS friendly camera detects gunshots


US: A Tucson-based company, Safety Dynamics, incorporated acoustic gunshot-detection technology in surveillance cameras to listen for trouble as well – with “brains” to make sense of it all. The gunfire-detection system can recognise sounds of 22 different ammunition rounds.

The system also works with common video and mapping software, including Milestone surveillance video software, Google Earth and Google Maps and GIS software, according to Wayne Lundeberg – President of Catalina Technology Management. Lundeberg’s company refined the system’s software to improve its detection accuracy from 80 percent to more than 90 percent, and to enable it to be used with off-the-shelf security systems.

Gunshot-detection systems have existed for more than a decade, but Safety Dynamics’ Sensor Enabled Neural Threat Recognition and Identification (SENTRI) system can be linked to common surveillance cameras to zoom in on the source of gunshots, helping police nab shooters.

While other gunshot-detection systems can pinpoint sounds on a map and alert authorities, SENTRI can direct a camera to zoom in on an area from where a shot was heard.

Such systems are in use in Chicago; Memphis; Compton and Richmond, California; Memphis; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Safety Dynamics is adapting its patented “temporal pattern recognition” technology to homeland-security applications including a pilot system at a Florida airport that uses ground-based sensors to detect footsteps in high-security areas.