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GIS for numbering of buildings

Doha, Qatar: GIS-based numbering of buildings and establishments in the country would be completed soon, according to Nasser Saleh al Muhanadi, head of coordination and training in GIS Centre, Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning, Qatar.

The plates are made of anodised aluminum covered with a substance resistant to weather conditions and approved by the Qatar’s Bureau for Standards and Measurements. The plates have tags of radio-frequency identification (RIFD) connected to the main database in GIS centre which is also linked to more than 60 authorities in the country.

He said that from January onwards, 19000 plates have been installed in many municipalities. According to international standards, the plates are expected to cover the whole country within one and a half year. The system of numbering buildings, establishments and streets as well as the unified number were necessary due to the accelerated urban growth in Qatar.

“We amended the plates once we received feedback from citizens and different authorities,” continued al Muhanadi. GIS technician, Amer al Hamidi said that the first phase was a field survey of all the properties, residential or commercial, in the country to identify the present numbers of buildings, water and electricity and Qtel numbers.

Further, Al Hamidi added that 103,000 real estates have been identified so far through satellites. The second phase of the project is to issue new numbers for buildings using the digital geographic database. “Buildings located on the right side of a street will have double numbers and the others located on the left side will carry single numbers. The new plates will carry the number of the building, street and zone which are required by any official service provider,’’ continued Al Hamidi.

The committee of infrastructure services has assigned GIS centre to implement this project. The committee includes members from Ashghal, Kahramaa, Mowasalat, Qtel, the Ministry of Environment, Civil Defense and Qatar Petroleum.

Source: Qatar Tribune