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GIS-enabled virtual tours of Indian heritage sites soon

Chennai, India: The state archaeological department, Tamil Nadu, India, partnered with Elcot, a state government promotional agency for IT industries, to develop a system for providing virtual tours of around 80 heritage sites and monuments maintained by the department.

Speaking to an Indian daily, Dr S. Vasanthi, Deputy Superintendent Archaeologist said, “In the first phase, we would be providing virtual tours of 35 of these sites and the tours will be available over the next few months. The tours will also be GIS-enabled and will have all the relevant information available with the archaeology department.”

Commissioner of museums and head of the archaeology department C.P. Singh stated that the department had decided to provide the virtual tours to encourage public to visit historic sites more often. “We hope the virtual tours will entice public to make a physical visit,” he added.

Source: Deccan Chronicle