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GIS Development welcomes new editors

Noida, India: GIS Development Pvt Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of eminent geospatial professionals on the Editorial Board of its flagship publication, Geospatial World. The new board members are photogrammetry and remote sensing scientist Prof. Ian Dowman, geospatial consultant Charles Killpack and space science and technology champion from Latin America Tania Maria Sausen.

Prof. Ian Dowman is the Editor-Europe for Geospatial World. Prof. Dowman has been closely involved with the UK Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society since 1972. He has also made long-standing contributions to ISPRS where he was president during 2004-08 and is presently its first vice president. He has been active in promoting the use of earth observation in Africa. Prof. Dowman retired from University College London as a full time professor of photogrammetry and remote sensing in 2009. Speaking on his association with GIS Development, Prof. Dowman said, “GIS Development has made a big impact on geomatics globally, and particularly in Asia and Africa. I am delighted to be able to work with them to extend their influence in Europe and to make Geospatial World a truly international publication.”
Charles Killpack is the Editor-North America for Geospatial World. He is an independent geospatial consultant providing services in business development, marketing, technology evaluation, work flow and processes and financial management. He has had quite successful stints at XēDAR Inc, Pixxures Inc, E-ConAgra.com and Esri. Expressing keenness on working with GIS Development, Charles said, “I am honoured to be part of the GIS Development team. I have always had great respect for the organisation and its publications. This is an exciting time in the discipline of GIS. The economic global situation, especially in the Americas, will require that GIS companies rethink many of the business practices currently being employed. I believe that publications such as Geospatial World will be critical to helping GIS companies understand these changes as well as providing a mechanism to share the stories of GIS companies that have successfully navigated these challenges.”
Tania Maria Sausen works for Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), Brazil and will serve as Editor-Latin America (Honorary) for Geospatial World. She is the director of the “Brasil Campusl” of the Regional Centre for Education in Space Science and Technology Education in Latin America and The Carribea. She has served professional organisations like Latin American Remote Sensing Society, ISPRS and SELPAR in various capacities. She published several papers in remote sensing and space education, geomorphology and geotechnology areas.

Welcoming the Editorial Board members, Sanjay Kumar, CEO, GIS Development said, “It is our great pleasure to welcome professionals of eminence from different geographies to join Editorial Board of Geospatial World. Prof Ian Dowman, Chuck Kilpack and Dr. Tania Maria Susen bring along a vast pool of knowledge, experience and dedication to serve geospatial industry. They have been championing in their own ways to promote and facilitate growth of geospatial technology in scientific and commercial activities for past three decades. With Geospatial World expanding beyond domain of GIS technology to integrate itself with associated technologies in the geospatial arena, we are confident that our editors’ wealth of knowledge and passion in these technologies and their presence on our editorial board will further strengthen the vision and capabilities of Geospatial World as the premium and all-encompassing magazine for the geospatial industry.”