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GIS Development releases a new Global publication

Dubai, UAE, 10 April 2007: On the occasion of Map Middle East 2007, GIS Development Pvt. Ltd., a Geospatial Communication Network company, released a new publication, GIS Development: The Global Geospatial Magazine. The publication is an integration of the four regional editions – Asia Pacific, Middle East, Malaysia and Africa.

The new publication is in response to the growing need of its readers for a more comprehensive coverage of viewpoints from across the globe. To achieve the objective, it will address the global audience through a rich integration of articles, interviews and news from world over. It would be a monthly publication, ensuring better frequency and faster delivery of information to most of the regional readers, who earlier received a bimonthly or quarterly publication. In addition, few new sections have been introduced with more global news coverage. More sections will be added in future to keep the flavour of the magazine dynamic and fresh.

Talking about the roots of the new publication, Sanjay Kumar, CEO of GIS Development Magazine says, “Today, ‘Globalisation’ is a term, which is gaining more and more relevance every moment and global approach is being seen as major pre-requisite for working professionals and business community worldwide. We, at GIS Development, specialise into providing different platforms to communicate with and amongst global geospatial community, have continuously striven to strengthen the global network.” Further, Mr. Kumar says that the newly combined magazine would be very well distributed amongst different continents and would serve different purposes to different continents.

Quoting Maneesh Prasad, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor of GIS Development, “To address the need of our regional audience and to have stronger and more consolidated reach at the regional level, with better frequency/periodicity, we are also pleased to announce the launch of three new ‘Electronic Publications’ or Ezines: South Asia, South East Asia and Africa in addition to the existing electronic publications for Middle East. These regional electronic publication would focus on the applications, policies, data standard needs, government initiatives and business issues.”

About GIS Development:

GIS Development promotes and propagates the usage of Geographic Information Science, Technology and Applications in various areas of development, worldwide and Asia in particular. It assists community and government in developing their productivity, policies and management capabilities by facilitating knowledge transfer in the domain of geographic information. It fosters the growing network of those interested in geoinformatics and encourages the exchange of scientific know-how through its key platforms: Magazines, Portal, Conferences and Training.